RouterOS 5.7 released

Posted on pią 16 wrzesień 2011 in MikroTik

Pojawiła się nowa wersja RouterOS. Głównie bug fixy ale jest kilka rodzynków - jak np. większa wydajność L3 :D

What's new in 5.7 (2011-Sep-14 10:54):

*) ovpn client - fixed crash when user name or password together
were longer than 11 symbols;
*) sstp client - added an option to skip
server address verification from certificate;
*) fixed problem - router crashed sometimes when using USB modem;
*) userman - show overall totals, show user totals if user has more
than one entry;
*) lcd - retrieving '/system lcd page' configuration did not work with
hundreds of interfaces;
*) webfig - added ability to reorder fields in skins;
*) webfig - added ability to add/remove new tabs & separators in skins;
*) webfig - added ability to add any field to special status page;
*) webfig - fixed problem when user sometimes got logged out with message
"internal server error";
*) webfig - logout didn't log user out from router;
*) webfig - added System/Password for changing user's own password;
*) system reset-configuration - if keep-users is specified ssh user keys are
preserved as well;
*) ipsec - new exchange mode (main-l2tp) for l2tp tunnel users to allow
FQDN as a peer ID with preshared key authorization in main mode;
*) ssh - fix possible server crash when connection is interrupted;
*) improved ipv4 forwarding performance on all boards with simple configuration
by up to 30%;

To ostatnie wygląda zachęcająco :)

*) add passthrough setting to change-dscp, change-ttl, change-mss,
strip-ipv4-options, change-hop-limit mangle targets;
*) ipsec - fixed problem of RB1200 rebooting when large amount of UDP traffic is
sent through IPsec;
*) sniffer - added more useful packet filtering options, also available as quick
mode command parameters;